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Joy Ma Tara

🔴Request to the devotees that if they have any Priest at Tarapith Temple, then please contact with him to worship your Puja.


🔴This Puja worshipping syestem is fully devoloped by some priests of Tarapith Temple.

🔴The syestem isn't in the contact Tarapith Temple trust anyhow.

🔴Please provide your Name,Gotra,Address along with your PIN Code, Mobile No & Email otherwise your puja will be rejected.

🔴After the Puja you will receive some photos of Puja as the proof of Puja

🔴Prasad will be sent within 5 days of worshipping.

🔴After Puja the prasad will be sent by Courier or Post, which you will  receive with in 10 Working days.

🔴You can send your Puja by clicking on the "Continue" button placed below.

*By clicking the "Continue" you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

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