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History in Short


Tara Ma, Tarapith, Tara Devi, Ma Tara

The greatness of Tara Ma is endless.Shakti (power) is very popular among the Dasamahavidya. Tara Ma is the second of the Dashamahavidya. She is decorated with “Mundamala,Kharba, Lambodori, Bhisana, Byaghracharmabrata, Nabayoubana,Chaturbhuja & Trinayana”. She sits on the White Lotus of the nature. We can read about Tara Ma from the Aryta’s Bhattarikanamstottor 100th Sloke (Para) .She gave darshan to Basisthadev  after satisfied with his Sadhana.She is now situated in the little village Tarapith of west Bengal, India.She is very famous among all over india because of her wish fullfilling dristi.


Bamdev, Bamakhepa, Atla Village, Ma Tara's Son

Sadhak Sri Sri Bamdev was born in the Atla village which is around 2 K.M away from Tarapith.His father was Sarbananda Chattopadhyay. According to many books his birthdate is 12 th Falgun of 1244 Bengali year(1837). It was the day of Maha Shivratri..He was very concentrated in the Sadhana of Tara Ma from his early childhood.He used to call Tara Ma as “Choto Ma"  Mouliksha Ma as “Boro Ma". After completing his Sadhana he used to
help many people to overcome their problems and also rescue them from many dangers.


Tarapith,Tara Ma, Tarapith, Tara Devi, Ma Tara

The Tarapith Temple is siuated in the small village Tarapith of West Bengal state.The curent temple was situated in 1225 bengali year, around 300 yeras ago. The temple is built with 4 chala & its height is 64 feet.The desings are the evidence that though the British Rule the devotees kept their heritage unchanged.The artist desinged the temple's front with many types of plants & flowers.In the other side there is Devi Durga's  murti & in the 3rd side there is war between Ram & Ravan. The desings will help to make the Indian  mythology Immortal.


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