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Tara Mata Arti

Few words about Tara Ma :-


The greatness of Tara Ma is endless.In many century she gave darshan to her devotees with many appearence. Dashamahavidya is famous in Sadhana. Sati wanted to join the “Brihaspati Shab” Yogya of his father, though she was not invited. So he tried to grant the permission of Mahadev but he does not agreed. Then Sati showed him her 10 fearing(Bhayankari) appearance, Thosr are- Kali, Tara, Sorashi, Bhuvaneswari, Bhairabi, Chinnamasta, Dhumabati, Bagala, Matangi and Kamala and forced Mahadev to grant her permission.These 10 appearance are known as Dashamahavidya.


According to “Brihaddharma Puran” before going to Dakshyalay fire was burned out from devi’s third eye. Devi’s tevi’s appearance was changed to Kali or Shyama. Seeing this Mahadev tried to ran away but he saw devi’s 10 murti on 10 way.At last he gave permission Sati to attend the Yogya. Modern researcher thinks that the Dashamahavidya is related to Bishnu’s 10 Avatar. This matter was invented to keep all the God’s in a same bond.Devi Tara is second in the Dashamahavidya. She rescue everyone in everywhere so she’s called Tara. She gaves  Peace & Moksha.


Tara is “Pratyalidhapada” mean she stands on Mahadev or Shiv with her right feet. Fearing “Mundamabibhusita” “Kharba” “Lambodori” “Bhisana” “Kotite Byaghrocharmobata” “Nabayoubana” “Panchamuda Shovita” “Chaturbhuja” “Laljiwha” “Mahabhima Barda” “Kapal & Nilpadma” “Pingalbarna and Jatadhari”. She has 3 eyes which looks like the Sun. She helds Kharag & Katari on her right hand. She is “Hasya Mukhi” means she always smiles, she sits on big White Lotus of the Earth.


We can know about Tara Ma’s 108 name from the Aryata’s Bhattarikanamastottor’s 100th stotra.   Dr. Binaytosh Bhattacharya mentioned 24 appearance of Tara Ma. We get many appearance of Tara Ma from many Religious Books, Sadhak’s Description, Researcher’s experience, Bhaktigiti, Various murti’s . Tara Ma’s little changed appearance Ugratara is one of them. Ugra mean highly, She rescues devotees from high pity & fear so she is called Ugratara.


She is stands on Mahadev’s heart with her right feet and her left feet is floating avove his body. Whose right sides first hand holds Kharag and Left sides first hand holds Nilotpal(Blur Lotus), right sides second hand holds Kortika & left sides second hand has  one Kharpo.Whose head is Pingalbarna & Jata. Who is Nilbarna: She is Ugratara Devi, she destroys evil of Three Jagat.


Ugratara stand’s above deadbody. She is Mahanil Saraswati or Nil Saraswati. Who is Tara – she is also Mahanil Saraswati.She shares speeches without any hesitation and fault so she is Nil Saraswati, She always protect and rescue’s, she is Sukmokshadawini means she is Peace and Moksha giver.


According to Krishnananda’s tantra Tara & Mahanil Saraswati is same devisatwa.In is proven from the name that Tara is  the changed appearance of Saraswati.In the Boudha Tantra Tara is one of the main God. She is same as Adyashakti Abolokiteswar Shakti Shiv Shakti.In history the devi of Star’s was a devi of Hindu Shastra. After Bhagwan Buddha’s death Mahajanpathis transfered Star’s devi to Tara devi.


The Tara or Star stays above Akash,Mahakash,Parakash,Tatwakash & Suryakash.The Tara of Bouddha is called China-char Tara. Here China means Nepal,Bhutan,Tibbat area which is beside Himalaya’s.


It is noticeable that here Tara Ma is called “Girja” & “Padmavati”.In next sloke or paragrapgh she is called “Amritkalashdharini” means who holds the pot of Amrti.So the combination of Parvati & Lakshmi isconfirmed here. Other than this “Sarpabinashini” “Jangulitara” “Pragyaparamita” “Mahachintara” etc Buddha Taramurti is mentioned in many places.It’s a rumour that Siddhacharya Nagarjun performed  the sadhana of Tara Ma after transforming to Hindu Tantrik Basistha. The can find the evidence of BouddhaTara in Ilora’s cave art & Hiueb Sang’s writing’s. In the time of Gobinda Neshri the Taramurti was painted in the Bengali Dharmapal’s Danda & Flags.


“Karukullatara”- Kurukulla Tara is coloured & “Dwibhuja”, “Dwibhuja” means who have two hands.

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